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The following testimonials com from a sample of families that provide us feedback (anonymised and published with permission):

I like Bulgy because I learn many important things. He teaches how to deal with emotions, that we all have emotions... I also think they had a good idea in making activities for children like the emotionary, the emotions menu, and many others.

~ Filipa R., 10 years old

Bulgy is now a integral part of P.'s daily routine, he already knows many episodes by heart! And he applies what he learned with Bulgy several times in his daily life! And very often, at the beginning of a tantrum, I need only say "remember Bulgy?" for him break into a smile and for the tantrum to disappear, or for him to tell me what he is feeling! Thank you for your work! Hugs and kissses!

~ Mafalda, mother of 5-year old

My 5-year old daughter had difficulty in expressing her emotions. Now she changed behaviour: instead of exploding or crying, she says 'I think I am having an emotion' or 'I feel sad.' The nursery school teacher told me that she seems a different child. And this was in part thanks to Bulgy.

~ Susana R., neuropaediatrician and mother

I like Bulgy for the calm it gives my 6-year old son: the music, the tone of voice, and the content. We had a daily problem for several months where he felt anger, sadness, and irritation. Thanks to the personalised video that Bulgy made for this situation, I noticed a big difference: the problem stopped being a daily issue and he is now confident that he cann solve it.

~ Carmen R., mother of 2, 36 years old

The content is useful. I think children have this intuition but they don't know how to talk about emotions and this helps them organise ideas and verbalise them.

~ Paula, educator and mother of 2 children, 47 years old

Both J. (13 years-old) and I. (8 years-old) like it and get enthusiastic when I suggest seeing another episode. J. applies the messages spontaneously and recognises them, afterwards, in some occasions of the day-to-day. Thank you very much for your work, it's very useful!

~ Catarina, medical doctor and mother of 2, 42 years old

My 4-year old D. has mentioned several details of the episodes in the middle of trivial conversations that show some lesson that he understood with a lot of clarity. If something happens in his life that mirrors the episodes, he makes the connection and says "This is like Bulgy" or "This is like Wisecrack."

~ João, father of 1, 45 years old

My 6-year old daughters already asked to see the previous episodes several times, they'll end up knowing them by heart. They like them a lot, they sing, and they answer Bulgy's questions.

~ Cristina, mother of 6, 40 years old

Wonderful project! Here at home we are all loving it :) And also because it opens doors to other conversations. And when we are talking and I mention the videos, my 6-year old daughter has something tangible to serve as an example.

~ Teresa, mother of 3, 41 years old

One day, my 7-year old daughter was very sad. She wanted to cry and did not even understand why. I remembered to introduce her to Bulgy to start a conversation about feelings. She became excited to see the puppet and immediately wanted to see the next episodes. Bulgy has been a great help in talking about feelings with my children. My daughter sings and answers Bulgy, speaks to Bulgy during the pauses, and likes everything very much... One day, at the lunch table, she asked "What would Bulgy do?"

~ Joana, medical doctor and mother of 3, 44 years old