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Hundreds of teachers use Bulgy!

We have many teachers using Bulgy in clasrooms, from early years until 4th grade. They say that the advantage of Bulgy is to create a space for children to talk about their emotions between them, instead of only with adults. They also say that the best result is a change in behaviour: fewer fights and less aggressiveness, for exemple instead of hitting when someone pushes them, they recognise the emotion and that they have a choice of what to do next. Using the programme as a group fosters positive interactions and group cohesion.

Our impact evaluation shows that 88% of children change behaviour: more courage, calmer, and happier. We also anticipate better school grades because the scientific evidence shows that social and emotional learning programmes improve school results by 11 percentile points on average (reference.


The pace and tone of the Bulgy videos is excellent for use in Early Years settings. Bulgy is a fantastic character whom children instantly engage with. The videos are interactive and fun, allowing the children to learn about and discuss their emotions in a safe and supportive way. The videos are calming and educational, whilst providing an excellent platform for talking about feelings.

My class particularly enjoyed watching Bulgy surfing the waves of emotion and were keen to rewatch the video as a way to calm down and reflect on their day. The children even wanted to write letters to Bulgy and we have since used the analogy of emotions coming and going like waves to calm children and help them overcome overwhelming emotions.

~ Alex, 30, school teacher of 4-5 year olds

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