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to teach 5-10 year olds about emotions

97% family satisfaction

Trailer (30 seconds)

This is the trailer for our episodes and summarises Bulgy's videos in 30 seconds:


The Bulgy series, whose first season is "Emotion Athletes", consists of the following points:

  • turning the difficulties of the pandemic into opportunities for children to recognise what they are feeling, understand the reason, and use their emotions;
  • helping parents to create a space to talk about emotions with their children;
  • the series is entirely free and has no advertising whatsoever;
  • it has 36 educational videos, 5-10 minutes each, activities and a podcast
  • it is for families who value emotional learning;
  • and for children aged 5 to 10 (suggested ages)
  • each day of activity takes between 10 minutes and 1 hour to complete;
  • families can access the content on our site and follow the programme flexibly and at their own pace;
  • registration is 100% free (learn why).

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Familias have 97% satisfaction with our programme. Here is one testimonial from a mother and neuropaediatrician:

My 5-year old daughter had difficulty in expressing her emotions. Now she changed behaviour: instead of exploding or crying, she says 'I think I am having an emotion' or 'I feel sad.' The nursery school teacher told me that she seems a different child. And this was in part thanks to Bulgy.

~ Susana R., neuropaediatrician and mother

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Our team consists of:

  • Joana Castelhano, family doctor;
  • Miguel Morin, computer engineer and social entrepreneur;
  • Joana de Carvalho, actor;
  • Sara Afonso, actor.

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Main messages of each episode

Here are the messages from each of the first 6 episodes, based on science. Each episode has a story and a song around its message so children remember it well.

  1. emotions are like waves; they come and go and we cannot stop them
  2. emotions are important because they affect our entire life
  3. emotions are caused by facts or thoughts
  4. if you have an emotion, then something is important for you
  5. the only way not be drowned by emotions is to pay attention to them
  6. giving emotions a name is the first step to surf them

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Learn more

You can learn more about the team here and we answer all questions here. What we recommend most is watching the first episode (6 minutes):
Episode 1: Feelings are like waves in the sea